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 GM Tony Kosten:

 Editor - In charge of all the content that goes into the website including the gym. Responsible for the Middlegame and Endgame Secrets and Tony's Page columns, and is also a member of the coaching team. He lives in France and has been a Grandmaster since 1990. He has written ten books, most recently
DW: Flank Openings, The Dynamic English, Easy Guide to the Najdorf and the video/DVD The Knockout Nimzo.
GM Daniel King:

Contributes his well known How Good Is Your Chess? articles to the Gym. A Grandmaster since 1989, he is one of the world's top chess broadcasters and an award winning author.
GM Glenn Flear:

Responsible for the Strategy and Your Move! tests, and is also a member of the coaching team. He's a British GM, Living in France, highest ELO 2555 (in 2000), has written several chess books (concentrating on openings and endings) and is a regular contributor to various magazines..
WGM Mihaela Sandu:

In charge of the
Tactics Gym, she will be coaching at the beginners and the intermediate levels. She was European U14 Vice Champion, 3rd National U14, 2nd National U16, all girls.
IM Craig Pritchett:

Has particular responsibility for coaching. An international master and present Scottish champion he has written several books on chess and is Schools Chess Development Director, Chess Scotland.
GM Jonathan Rowson:

A key member of the coaching team. A Grandmaster since 1999, he has already won the British championship three times in a row, 2004-2006. His best selling book, The Seven Deadly Sins, is already considered by many a chess classic.
IM Richard Palliser:

Another top member of the coaching staff, has written a number of books including Starting Out: Closed Sicilian, Bb5 Sicilian, Play 1d4! and Tango!.
IM Andy Martin:

This popular and chatty writer and broadcaster is the author of our free Action eBook Study to Win!, and he also offers live coaching using Skype for anyone who prefers this to our coaching system.