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Coaching Club

> Programme for Success

Your personal coaching club is designed  to help gym members fast track their improvement.

The club includes top coaches, Grandmasters or International Masters. They tutor you online through a programme drawing on proven student-centred learning ideas incorporated in the renowned Botvinnik Training System which reared so many fabulous players including Gary Kasparov and other world champions.

The system is based on you, the student, developing your chess abilities through your own work and developing your ability to critically assess your own games.

In other words, the course is based on helping students who are prepared to help themselves. It is not for dreamers, or searchers of quick fixes. Rather it is aimed at people who seriously want to get ahead and who are prepared to work about seven hours a month towards that goal.

> The Process

The course starts with the student filling out an online questionnaire which is designed to help the tutor recognise your strengths and weaknesses.

The student in the first month will be required to submit three self annotated competitive games.

Ideally those games should be over the board and at a time limit of no less than 60 minutes per player. Internet chess will be permissible if the student has no genuine access to club or competitive play.

The student will get guidance on how to annotate the games. The annotation should be done unaided by computer analysis and reflect as far as possible what you were thinking at the time of the game, rather than in hindsight.

The games will ideally be relayed on Chessbase with annotations, but PGN games are also fine.

The tutor will respond by email/chessbase to the student. Feedback will provide a strategic overview, drawing out key messages from your comments, focusing on critical junctures and pointing out ways of improvement and areas to strengthen.

The student will then be able to email the tutor if there is anything they do not understand.

This process will go on for three monthly sessions, each time the student presenting 2-3 annotated games in the subsequent month plus any other comments so the tutor and the student can gauge progress.

> The Cost

The cost of the course will only be $70 a monthly session, paid in advance,  $210 in all.

As the masters will be operating to a standard set by us, the student will be fully protected against inadequate coaching and any complaints will be looked into thoroughly.

We have used this system of coaching for many years and know that it really does work, providing the student is prepared to put in the effort.

We look forward to you joining the coaching club and helping you dramatically improve your chess and results.


4 Questions to ask yourself:

Are you seriously prepared to work at least 7 hours a month?

Do you play or are you prepared to play at least three competitive games a month?

Can you seriously assess your own games and be self critical when the need arises?

Will you take heed of the coach and be prepared to do whatever it takes to improve your game?