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Most Frequently Asked Questions

Please do check them out before you email us for help.

How do I register as a member of the gym

Simply click here!

I've completed my transaction but cannot get on to the gym?

You are probably looking at a copy of the login page from your cache and will need to refresh this page before entering your details again. If this doesn't work you might need to actually clear your cache, but note that then you would lose your browser history!
Three other possibilities:
You are entering the wrong information, particularly password.
Your password is too long...over 10 letters.
That there has simply been an Internet glitch, so please refresh the page and try again.

Can I log in from different computers, from my laptop as well as from my desktop?

Yes, that's no problem at all.

How many exercises are there?

Currently there are more than 3000 tactical exercises with new ones appearing every month. Each segment contains 15 timed puzzles on three different ability levels, alongside GM Daniel King's How Good is Your Chess, GM Glenn Flear's Improve your Strategy Work-Out and Your Move! tests, Members Forum, Unlock Your Genius, instructive material, etc.

What guarantee will I have that I will improve? 

This course has been devised by some of the top trainers in chess. Not only do you get the vital practice you also get a range of other training programs designed to improve every aspect of your game. The only way you could possibly not improve is if you have no aptitude for chess whatsoever!!
Of course, then we will refund your money!

What happens if I'm on a lower - or higher level - than I should be? 

As you will see, when you go to the gym, you are given guidance as to what level suits you, including grading ranges. You can change your level at any time, but we advise you to wait until you have completed at least two workouts. 

I am a beginner, can you help? 

There is a special beginners course that explains the basic tactical themes before testing you on them.

I have a Mac/Linux computer, can I use the site? 

Yes, the site works with most browsers (MSIE, Firefox, Safari, etc.) on the main operating systems. However, you will need to have a copy of ChessBase (the light version is free), or Fritz or equivalent, to get the most out of the site, and both this and our HGIYC software only work on Windows at the moment so you will need to have a Windows emulator, sorry!

When I do the tactics the pieces keep bouncing back! 

Whereas when you pick up a piece in MSIE the mouse pointer will change to that piece, in Firefox (on Windows or Linux), and certain other browsers, the mouse pointer doesn't actually change, you must first click on the piece you want to move, then the square you want to move it to.

What if I have a problem with my subscription payment? 

Email us at